HAMLET ASP 2030 & ASP 2060

ASP Technical Information

ASP 2030 & 2060 is a high-alloy high-speed steel that contains cobalt (Co). It is manufactured powder-metallurgically using the ASP (AESA STORA Process) process which makes the tools exceptionally resistant to wear. The steel is atomised, compacted and processed to the dimensions required. The result is an extremely homogeneous steel with a unique combination of properties. ASP 2030/60’s homogeneous structure enhance such properties as dimensional stability and shape stability during heat treatment, as well as improving grindability and toughness. Toughness is good even for large dimensions and ASP2030/60’s method of manufacture and composition mean that it can provide high hot hardness and good wear resistance.

ASP 2030 tools will last approximately 2-3 times longer than ordinary M2 steel and 2060 approximately 3-4 times.

Hamlet’s exclusive range of ASP 2030 and 2060 turning tools are now recognised and recommended by many of the worlds top professionals as the best there are. With its ability to hold an edge far longer than conventional M2 HSS and far less regrinding time.

They take woodturning into a new era.

ASP tool range

ASP 2030 and 2060 tools are supplied with beech handles as standard

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Code Width (") Description Handle (")
HCT500A 3/4 Spindle Roughing Gouge 10
HCT501 1.1/4 Spindle Roughing Gouge 16
HCT502 1/4 Bowl Gouge 16
HCT503 3/8 Bowl Gouge 16
HCT503A 3/8 Masterflute Set Back (Standard) 16
HCT503B 3/8 Masterflute Celtic (Long Grind) 16
HCT504 1/2 Bowl Gouge 16
HCT504A 1/2 Masterflute Bowl Set Back 16
HCT504B 1/2 Masterflute Bowl Celtic 16
HCT508 1/4 Spindle Gouge 10
HCT509 3/8 Spindle Gouge. 10
HCT510 1/2 Spindle Gouge 10
HCT511 1/8 Parting Tool 10
HCT512 1/4 Parting Tool 10
HCT554 3/8 Detail Gouge Long Grind 10
HCT555 1/2 Detail Gouge Long Grind 10

Detail gouges for very fine point work between spindles.
boxes with ornamentation made using the Hamlet chatter tool
woodturning hook tools
woodcarving tools