Hamlet woodturning tools

John Berkeley - Featured woodturner, Woodturning Tutor & Demonstrator

Antique Repairs, Demonstrating, Instruction, Miniature work, Ornamental Pieces, Chess Set Repairs, Presentation Pieces & Awards, Artistic & Gallery Work

John began turning about ten years ago, having previously been involved with the restoration of metal antiques-dirty job!
From the first time his arm was twisted to make bone cribbage pegs, his interest in things softer than brass began to grow.
He "graduated" to ear rings in bone, and then wood, dolls house bits, including goblets, chess pieces, rattles and many other things, to his current speciality of puzzles and boxes, mostly with hand chased screw threads.
Though he rarely use oak, it is easy to see how "large trees from little acorns grow."

Visit John's website for details of his 2 new DVD's: SCREWPLES 1 and 2

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